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Discover how Croatia develops world-class footballers

Proven methods based on science
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U6 TO SENIORS how-to manual on talent development

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103 PRACTICAL ADVICES on how to improve your trainings

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Though during my work at the Federation as the U-21 and A national team coach, I had the chance to manage the most talented from the country, it was often emphasized that our base of players all the way through the lowest levels is the foundation of our success. I believe that knowledge from this book and such educational material is critical in enriching the work at those levels, ultimately to benefit the national teams at the top of the pyramid.

The book Development Curriculum is a document that should further enrich and structure the processes in youth development, as it derives insights from science, experience, but most importantly, analysis of the game and demands placed upon players at the top level. Though it contains many elements aimed at youth player development, insights from it can significantly help coaches at the top level as well, identifying indicators of success and underlying game principles.

Considering the population of Croatia, its economic and infrastructural challenges, one can with certainty state that the success of our national teams and players on the international club scene are overachievements. Besides talent and passion for the game, one has to recognize the expertise of coaches throughout Croatia that has been leading these players to growth and success. As a result of the authors’ experience, who laid the foundation of one of the most prolific youth academies in the world, that of GNK Dinamo Zagreb, and achieved significant successes with Croatian youth national teams, one has to take this program as a proven fact.

I am certain this book will become a legacy and lay the structure of development for generations to come. Such material certainly won’t go unnoticed in the world, just like the players that it has helped develop.

Slaven Bilić

Former U-21 and A national team coach of Croatia



The book, which in the coaching circles has already been labeled as “The Soccer Bible” is a unique base with educational guidelines. The book presents a pathway for development of Croatian football, based in years of experience, analysis of the current situation and modern trends and best practices in organization and work

Talent Center

After reading it for the first time, I had a great impression. A direct help in tactical periodization of training with clearly defined principles. I can only say BRAVO!

Darko V.

The book is great. We started to adapt our program according to its guidelines and principles. The real deal, worthy of every penny spent.

Emir K.

You created something that has been missing for a long time in our industry, left for future generations to use and build on.
Guidelines from this book give a better chance for developemt to kids who are yet to grow and develop if the coaches apply the knowledge from it.

Slavko P.

This book is exactly what a youth academy like ours needs, it will serve as a great guideline. Thank you to the authors!

Bojan R.

The book dances on the border between academic level and a simplicity that a coach of initial level of education upwards needs. I find that quality extremely important. A piece of literature that everyone should own, I personally recommend it to all coaches!

Ivan K.


Romeo Jozak

Romeo Jozak


Born on October 11th, 1972 in Rijeka, he began coaching immediately after receiving his degree at Zagreb’s Faculty of Kinesiology at the age of 25. After several years of coaching experience with youth age groups at the Orijent, Osijek and Dinamo soccer clubs and in addition to international experience in Germany, Africa, and Canada, at the age of 35, he took over management of the GNK Dinamo Soccer Academy.

After nearly seven years at this position, in 2013, he became the Technical Director of the Croatian Football Federation, whose Men’s National Team under his mandate as director achieved placement in several European and World championship competitions.

Starting out as the Croatian Football Federation’s Chairman of Technical Committee, European Club Association Youth Panel member and a UEFA Technical Instructor in 2013, he shortly after also became first a member of the UEFA Youth and Amateur Soccer Committee followed by the UEFA Technical Committee.

His M.Sc. degree is from the field of Sports Psychology, and he earned his Ph.D. in 2012 with a thesis on soccer and at the age of 44 was awarded the scientific and educational title of professor.

Participating in over 100 national and international conferences, congresses and seminars as a lecturer and instructor, he has released three soccer educational DVDs, “The Sense for the Play,” “Soccer FUNdamental for U-6 to U-10” and “Basic Stereotypes of Cooperation”.

He possesses a UEFA Pro coaching license and is a regular lecturer and mentor at the Croatian Football Federation’s Coaching Education Department. Currently, he is the Head Coach of Kuwait ‘A’ national team.

Ivan Kepčija

Ivan Kepčija


Born on May 9, 1982, in Pula, Ivan attained a Business degree at Zagreb’s Faculty of Economics and Business, in Sociology at Holy Names University and a master’s degree in Sports Science from Saint Mary’s College of California.

He holds the UEFA “A” coaching license and also a USSF “A” license. He has participated in numerous international conferences as a lecturer and instructor and is also a regular lecturer at the Real Madrid Master in Football Management program.

He began his coaching career with youth age groups at the Jadran Poreč Soccer Club in 2004 while he was still a player, and after leaving to study abroad in the United States he continued coaching at Walnut Creek SC, Holy Names University and San Ramon FC (first team).

He worked as the Assistant Director of Dinamo Zagreb’s Youth Academy for several years. Ivan also served as an assistant coach for the U-19 Croatian Men’s National Team and took part at the U19 European Championship in 2016. His latest experience was as the Technical Director of Legia Warsaw.